Disposal of fluorescent lamps

An intact fluorescent tube or energy-saving lamp poses no health risk whatsoever. However, the situation is different if a tube breaks. All energy-saving lamps or fluorescent tubes contain small amounts of mercury, which are not harmless if they are dispersed in the room air.

Therefore, observe the following safety measures when handling these light sources:

Handle energy-saving lamps carefully, avoid rough handling when replacing them.

If the glass of a tube is broken, please unplug it immediately.

Immediately open windows and provide adequate ventilation. People and pets should leave the room for 30 minutes.

If possible, do not use a vacuum cleaner (spreads the mercury in the room). However, if it is unavoidable, replace the dust bag and filter immediately after cleaning. Try to do without the vacuum cleaner.

Remove the glass panes carefully with a paper towel (put on gloves!), avoid injuries!

Small glass fragments can be removed using adhesive tape.

Collect all pieces in an airtight container.

Hand in the broken pieces to a disposal company or your local authority. Always dispose of all fluorescent tubes or energy-saving lamps or parts of them properly at your municipal recycling center or another disposal company.

You can find out the addresses from your local authority. Of course you can also hand in the parts to be disposed of at zalias GmbH.

By buying a magnifier lamp with LED you make a valuable contribution to environmental protection! Therefore, we now only offer magnifier lamps with LED.

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